About Us

Dimex Sports Ltd.was born out of conviction so did Cycling. So being at service of Cycling Clothing Deesha believes that the cycling costume must carry that very conviction in it. Therefore, Deesha does not compromise on its values such as Reliability, Safety, Comfort and Design while making Triathlon & Base layers fashionable, innovative and affordable.

A constant urge and work out for technical innovation has made Deesha one of Pakistan's fastest growing Manufacturing Company today, Dimex Sports Ltd. stands side by side with world’s best brands serving customers with its high quality apparel products, level of service, presentation and professionalism. Dimex Sports Ltd. thus continues to set standards among Cycling, Triathlon & Baselayer Apparel manufacturers.

Deesha has a firm belief in having a stronger relationship with customers as well as employees as these two entities are an integral part of any business and make it flourish and move up the ladder of success and prosperity.

Deesha “Contact us” team is always there to listen to your preferences, suggestions and feedback that can help providing excellent services to customers.